BON Hotels Links Nigerea Tourism Circuits

Bon hotelsí boom in nigeria has been prodigious and maintains to flourish with the extra latest acquisitions of eleven extra inns in the area bringing their portfolio in west africa up to 25 accommodations throughout 14 towns and in so doing becoming west africa and nigeriaís biggest and quickest developing lodge institution. This has been a aware idea method with the board carefully and thoughtfully selecting and figuring out properties inside the location so as to in the long run create mega tourism circuits, enhance tourism and hyperlink vital centres throughout the region. Bernard cassar, director of bon lodges global west africa, says that bon motelsí approach for nigeria is to make a contribution to a holistic view of the u . S . A ., a holistic view of tourism and hospitality, and to establish tourism circuits in which required, thinking of not just international visitors but the local enterprise visitor too. With 14 new inn initiatives underway and a similarly eleven being signed, the institution is on target to tying up the trade routes linking nigeria, making lifestyles a whole lot less difficult for commuters each nearby and from overseas who're presently having to tour back and forth over long distances to get their business performed. The group has recognized and is specializing in building a triangular metropolis circuit incorporating change, city and northern routes so as to successfully tie up the alternate routes for west africa going for walks thru nigeria, servicing over 2 hundred million commuters and thereby improving tourism, the economy, the hospitality industry as a whole and adding value to every metropolis in which they function. The circuits encompass, from airport to airport connecting essential centres across the location:

trade path owerri ñ ñ onishwa ñ asaba ñ akwa- enugu metropolis path asaba ñ orca ñ enugu northern direction abuja ñ kanu ñ kaduna ñ zaria ñ yola paul umoh, government director of bon motel international west africa and a outstanding member of the nigerian community, says that they're including fee in tourism circuits wherein they agree with that it's far wished. ìwithin these routes we're seeking to create hospitality ventures and centres of excellence, thereby contributing to the industry in a tremendous manner, creating jobs and boosting tourism.î